How Visual Content Help to Engaging More People in Your Business

Visual could mean logos, charts, graphs,infographics, memes, comics, videos and photos.Usually, the word “visual” means images to most people. However images are a huge part of it,but not exactly visual.Its a creative term regarding images.Increased ownership of mobile devices containing cameras means that many consumers can snap an image whenever they wish and easily share it to a broad audience via social media, email or text. Or we can say that camera is the main tool for creating the visibility in the field of content marketing or businesses.

There’s no denying the power of visual content, from Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus –visual content marketing has taken the online world by storm.Beyond how our brains are wired, there are other reasons to incorporate visual content into your marketing efforts.

Visual Content Can Increase Social Media Presence: Good use of visuals is an absolute necessity for any business using social media to promote themselves. On sites like Facebook and Twitter images drive the High engagement.If businesses aren’t already using visuals in their social media strategies, they should do so now.If you need more reason to begin using visuals as part of your Content marketing efforts, take a look at the following statistics

  1. Article having images receive 94% more views.
  2. Customers who receive email newsletters spend 82% more when they buy from company.
  3. Around 82% marketers who see blog positive ROI for their inbound marketing.
  4. Approximately 73% of B2B marketers produces more content than they did in 2014.
  5. Over 32% of marketers are producing significantly more content than they did in 2014.
  6. Percentage of marketers who believe content is superior to direct mail or PR is 69%.

Visual Content Is More Understandable: The main region behind visual content’s popularity is its understanding nature, means it is more easy to understand or even a visual content is more interesting, so adding visual components that help explain what your content says, you add value to your message and allow the target audience to further appreciate and understand it

Visual Content That Goes Viral Can Increase Inbound Links : Infographics, posters, videos, memes – all of these can go viral if enough people share your content through social media or other online platforms. It is important to incorporate your logo, website link, or other relevant information in order to easily distinguish the content’s original source.

Visual Content Helps Capture the Target Audience’s Attention : There are roughly 140 million tweets, 2 million video uploads, and 1.5 billion individual units of content generated on a daily basis. With so much information available each day, marketers and business owners need to fight for the attention of their target audience. According to data collected by Americans stay engaged in an article for an estimated average of 28 seconds. Incorporating visual content to your marketing efforts is an effective way to keep your audience engaged within that short window of time.