How to Increase eCommerce Sales this Christmas?

All the tactics, technique and tips you need to give your online customers the best possible Christmas shopping experience. make your website visitor’s Christmas shopping dreams come true.

Create Product Gift Bundles

Whatever you sell, whatever products or services you have available – pack them. Create a special Christmas bundle offering to give your gifting customers an easy choice.

Everyone’s favourite Secret Santa gift? Surely it has to be the hamper. A delicious treasure trove of festive treats all wrapped up into one nice, neat package.
niriya christmas gift bundlePrepare a Christmas subscription gift pack. This concept will help you
increase your average order size and frequency. It’s a masterful repeat customer generator. And it’s a supremely easy gift for your customer to buy

Christmas Gifts Product Landing Page

A specific gift ideas landing page is all you need to make these gift-giver’s shopping experience a whole lot easier. For such a small amount of effort and cost, you can achieve a significant return.

Promote this landing page through your social channels and email subscription list, and you’ll create a real reason for your audience to return to your site each day.

Have A Christmas Party Social

For most online retailers, social media is a place to develop your relationships with potential and current customers.  If your social media goal is to develop and nurture relationships, use the end of year period to show your followers what Christmas means to your brand.

Encourage your customers to get involved and share holiday ideas, recipes, happy snaps, wish lists and more.

Christmas contest ideas

It is a best way to engage your customer and build brand by creating a contest in either your retail shop on ecommerce website. Give your customer a gift pack while they will participate in your contest. Simply ask them to take a selfie and share with your friends, if your selfie get the maximum like, you will get a x-mas gift from us. So enjoy and win a best gift in ths cristmas.

Create Christmas PPC Ad Campaigns

If you’re using pay per click Google advertising, you need to make the extra effort to create a Christmas-specific program.
niriya chirstmas PPC campaignTry targeting variations with your product campaigns – there’s a big chance that bids on these terms will be cheaper, and you’ll be a good shot at increasing your quality score while you’re at it.

You should also consider Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) if you haven’t already. Visuals are a great idea at Christmas time – gift givers love to image browse.