Ways to Combat Your Ecommerce Business Competitors

Ecommerce business is surely one of the toughest in the market as there are many top-notch ecommerce companies that have carved a niche for them with their high quality products and services. Therefore, it is important for any start-up ecommerce business to ensure extra vigilance against their competitors and make right strategies at the right time to throw surprises at them and beat them hands down.
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Here, we discuss different ways to deal with the competition and competitors in the ecommerce business market.

Low Prices

A way to combat your ecommerce competitor is to lower your prices. You should take the lead in reducing prices for customers. You will notice that as soon as you lower your prices, your sales will scale up. But it is also a fact that competition on the prices is not always the best option especially if you are a smaller retailer. So, know your limitations when it comes to lowering product prices.

High Quality

You can beat your competitors hands down by maintaining high quality standards of the products you offer through your ecommerce store. This helps in building a good reputation for your store. The more reputed your online store will be, the more customers will purchase from you. So, make sure that your store sells only high quality products and offers premium quality services.

Larger Selection

Another method to deal with competitors is to have a fairly larger selection of products in your sale catalogue. You should try to have a wide range of varieties available for a particular product. This helps consumers in making multiple choices and ensures that your customers do not migrate to other sites in search of other varieties in the same product category.

Useful features

Your customers will revisit your online store time and again if they find your services different than other stores. Therefore, always endeavor to provide additional value to your customers. For example, you can offer them product descriptions, installation guides and learning centers so that they can make a well informed purchase.

Great Service

Offering professional and top quality service to the customers is a sure-shot way to win their hearts. Your ecommerce store must deliver products on time and fulfill all promised services. If you have a return policy, it is important to stick to it. If you offer discounts, give it to your customers without disputes. Give them incredible customer experience and your customers will have no option but to come back to your store time and again.

How to Use Social Media for Your E-Commerce Business

Your E-commerce portal must get plenty of visitors in order to compete with hundreds of similar sites out there on the web. This means that you will be consistently looking for places where your potential customers might be active. When you find such places, all you need to ensure is to lure them with attractive offers, schemes and advertise your site amid them. So, what are such places?
Niriya Blog - How to Use Social Media for Your E-Commerce Business
Well, social media is no doubt a buzzing place for people. It provides people a platform to chat and communicate in varied ways with the rest of the world. Most used social sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube amongst a host of many others. These sites can help you highlight your ecommerce website to draw in audience to your website. However, only a carefully planned strategy to explore social media can work for bringing people to your ecommerce website.

Here are some best ways to consider for promoting your ecommerce website on social channels.

Be More Visible

Social media has over 350 million people communicating with the world. Such massive audience is accessible as your potential consumers if your business is always visible to them. For this, you must post your content such as blogs, vlogs, images, infographics, videos, etc. very often as a source of fresh information about your ecommerce website and its products.

Locate Your Customers

Find out which social channels your targeted audiences are mostly using. Remember not all people use all the social sites. Depending on their preferences and choices, many of them are on Facebook while others communicate mainly through Instagram or YouTube. For example, fashion retailers mostly use Instagram and Pinterest for visual appeals of these platforms and because their consumers use the visual media. Thus, a little research for pinpointing the right channels to target your audience will be prudent.

Maintain Good Reputation

Social media is also proves to a bad place when it comes to ruining reputation of even some of the biggest names in the world of business. Therefore, you must be watchful in guarding your reputation by regularly scanning for adverse comments about your company, products or services you offer. Just as you find out such comments, counter them with arguments and prove them wrong. As a tactic, launch some videos that showcase great qualities and usefulness of your ecommerce site and its services.

Listen to Customer Complaints

Success of your ecommerce business depends a lot on how quickly you meet grievances of your customers. If you fail to do so, they will tarnish your reputation on Facebook and other channels. Therefore, as a wise step, employ a customer support team that can resolve issues through social media.

Research Your Market

Since your target market and consumers are ever evolving, you must be consistently in touch with their changing preferences. Social media outlets make your research job a lot easier. People express their choices and you can get an insight by visiting the comments they are making about the types of products or services you offer. For more information about what customers are looking for, you can visit reviews and trending topics also.

Promote and Sell

Social channels are best considered by marketers as a place to promote a ecommerce business. Since you are running an ecommerce business, you would be offering coupons very often to consumers. Advertise these coupons as pop ups on Facebook pages. Like many companies, you can also create the ‘sell’ feature on your social channel pages.

Build Relationship

Companies now focus on relationship building as a part of their marketing plans. But the relationship with people is best built by being visible and available to them. As against it, the approach of being visible and addressing the people when launching your products or ecommerce website and then vanishing does not work anymore. Instead, make sure that your ecommerce business as a brand records it presence on social sites regularly. That will help greatly in establishing a rapport with people.

I believe that the above mentioned ways be very useful for those who are into the ecommerce business or recently the have started their ecommerce business as stratups.