Top 5 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your E-commerce Business

If f you’re planning to promote your ecommerce website, then it’s essential that content marketing is an essential part of your e-commerce marketing plan. In fact, content marketing can boost your e-commerce site and help you build user trust for your brand. In addition, content marketing also helps you rank high on SERPs, and helps you attract and convert strangers into long-term customers. So, if you’re looking to boost your ecommerce website.
Top 5 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Business - niriya blog

Here is a list of 5 content marketing tips that must find a place in your ecommerce marketing strategy.

1. Create Videos

It is revealed that 80% online visitors watch videos and only 20% read the content. Given the popularity of videos, it’s important for you to create videos to effectively market your ecommerce brand. So, do well to create videos that provide details on how to use your products and services. Videos showing how your products and services will contribute to improvement of your customers’ lives must also find a place on your video creation strategy.

2. Use Images

One thing that dramatically affects the visual appeal of content marketing are photos. Relevant images, those portraying a clear relation to your ecommerce brand and photos that showcase your services or products must be part of your content marketing checklist too. Images that convey your ecommerce brand’s personality also make for a good choice to impress consumers. Your ecommerce marketing plan will benefit immensely if you can create plenty of photos with great titles, descriptions and title tags that are rich in keywords.

3. Content Distribution

Content distribution is yet another vital aspect of your ecommerce marketing strategy. Sharing of your content on social media is essential. Do well to post your content regularly on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites. Make it a point to ensure that your content appeals to the emotions of your audience. Ensure social sharing buttons to encourage your visitors to share the content that they like. In addition, encourage visitors to leave their comments, questions and suggestions.

4. Create User-friendly Site

Just having a website for your ecommerce business is not enough. With ever-increasing competition on the web, it has become all the more important to invest in a high-quality, effective web design. Do well to ensure easy navigation so that your visitors are able to navigate easily through the site to locate products or relevant information. Your website must be laid out in such a way that certain elements pop up. For instance, important links such as FAQs shouldn’t be buried under the fold or at the bottom of the page. Contact details should be easy to find. In addition, these elements must be in a clutter-free space.

5. Repurpose Your Static Content

With the overload of static content, users have become desensitized towards brand content. Users now want and essentially demand interesting and engaging content that they can interact with. So, do well to repurpose your static blogs and articles into interactive quizzes, microsites or interactive infographics. Do well to ensure friendly tone and keep the overall voice of the interactive content design simple and engaging. This will help you stand out from your competitors and catch user fancy relatively easily.

We are sure these tips will help you take your ecommerce site to increasing number of people and add another batch of happy consumers to your list of customers.